Thursday, April 19, 2012

5 Minute Card Challenge

Taking on a 5 minute card challenge was fun.  Kristina Werner  posted a beautiful card last week and posted on Facebook a 5 minute card challenge.  Here is a link to her original card.  I look forward to Monday and Friday when her videos are posted.

So here is my "5 minute card"  More like 8 minutes 18 seconds (might have made it if I hadn't dropped the border punch in wet Stickles and had to redo them and clean the punch off)

Here are the supplies I used.....
The stamps are the "Totally Titles" from Jillian Vance Design  -
The ribbon is from Jillian Vance also....I bought it at the Scrapbook Memories Expo when I bought the stamps (can't find the ribbon on their site....I bought it for Ohio State pages but the grey matched the grey in the paper)

Here is my finished card....

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