Sunday, May 6, 2012

Destination Paradise Crop for Lupus

Just a few pics from the crop. ....hope you like them!  It was an awesome day.  Fun to get to hang out with friends and get to see Lead Fisk-a-teer  Rebecca again.

Before everyone got in
Maxine, Mary, and Rebecca
 Regina, Sandy, and Cheryl (from right to left....I don't know the other lady, sorry)

 Maxine and Rebecca

Donna #6036 (Donna is the only one that I am sure of her Fisk-a-teer number)
 My Mom (in middle) with Christa and Angel (Fisk-a-Friends, just don't know their numbers)
 Start of the clue why it is at the bottom, but it won't let me change it!  Maxine gave Rebecca a beautiful mixed media art piece as a thank you for coming.